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Reduction and internal fixation of complex fractures of the Odontoid by the Transoral approach

Geraldo de Sa Carneiro, Deoclides Lima Bezerra Junior, Juliano Rodrigues Chaves, Saul Cavalcanti de
Medeiros Quinino, and Aline Figueiras da Trindade

Hospital da Restauração, Brazil
University of Pernambuco, Brazil

: J Spine Neurosurg


Type II odontoid fractures with irreducible posterior displacement are uncommon, and can cause Spinal Cord Compression, Respiratory Failure and even death. Treatment is usually surgical, with transoral decompression and posterior fusion or with reduction and fusion of C1-C2 by the transoral approach. We describe a case of Type II Odontoid Fracture with irreducible posterior atlantoaxial dislocation that was treated exclusively by the transoral approach with osteosynthesis of the odontoid, thus preserving functional segmental mobility. Level of Evidence III; therapeutic study. Keywords: Atlanto-axial joint, Arthrodesis, Fracture fixation, internal, Odontoid process, Spinal injuries.


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