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Role of coronary collaterals in Ischemic heart failure

Nidhi Puri

Dr. Yashwant Singh Parmar Government Medical College, India

: Int J Cardiovas Res


Introduction: Coronary collaterals are an alternative source of blood supply to myocardium jeopardized by ischemia. In comparison with other species, the human coronary collateral circulation is well developed in some patients. Method: This is a retrospective study done on 200 preoperative angiograms in patients with coronary artery disease. Patients were classified according to age, gender and degree of obstruction in major vessels. Collateral vessels were graded according to the Rentrop classification. Patients with collaterals were further classified on the basis of intensity of collaterals into 3 groups: those with no collateralization (Grade 0), poor collateralization (Grade 1) and those with adequate collateralization (Grade 2 - 3). Result: Coronary collaterals were seen more often in patients with more than 90% occlusion of coronary, age more than 70 years and history of previous myocardial infarction. Patients with comorbidities like diabetes and hypertension had poor collaterals. Patients with first acute MI had poorly developed collaterals with recent onset ischemic heart failure and worst outcome. Patients with chronic ischemic heart failure with ejection fraction less than 25% had usually good collaterals and better outcome after revascularization in comparison to those who had no collaterals. Conclusion: Young patients with acute ischemic heart failure following first MI usually had poor collaterals and worst outcome, patients with chronic ischemic heart failure and less comorbidities had good collaterals and tolerated revascularization procedures better.


Nidhi Puri has done MBBS and MS(Anatomy) from IGMC Shimla, H.P. India.She has a meritorious academic record throughout. Her total teaching experience in anatomy is23 years . She has been professor since last 7 years and has been heading the department of anatomy since last 4years. She is an innovative and enthusiastic teacher and also has keen interest in research. She has 22 publications in various peer reviewed and reputed national and international journals. She has also presented her work in various national as well as international conferences. She has supervised various thesis projects of MD students and PhD scholars. She has also been awarded on international women’s day in 201 for her contributions to the society.


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