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Study of the laying cephalopod decapods on cultivated algae in the southwestern Madagascar

Raherialala Vatosoa Aratra

Toliara University, Madagascar

: J Mar Biol Oceanogr


A study on decapod cephalopod laying has been realized in the southwest region of Madagascar. It was carried out on Andrevo’s algae cultivation field from November 15, 2017 to February 06, 2018 followed by a laboratory study of gonad samples collected from COPEFRITO. Laying squid and cuttlefish were found on the algae culture field during the study and 63% of respondents confirmed the presence of the laying both two organisms from September to February. Concerning laying, the environmental conditions of the algae culture field are favorable to the latter. Respectively for both organisms (squid and cuttlefish), color (milky white, black ranging from transparent), shape (tubular, round), quantity of eggs on a laying (278, 21), weight of one egg-laying (775g, 16g), the weight of the egg (0.34g, 0.76g), the weight of the embryo (0.04g, 0.25g), the size of the egg (1.10cm, 1.57cm) and the size of the embryo (0.42cm, 1cm) are largely distinct in both. For squid, the characteristic is also depending on the species and the particularity encountered allows us to say that the laying observed belongs to the species Sepioteuthis sp. Concerning the gonad, it correlates with the weight of the animal.


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