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Study the wear characteristics of Al2O3 reinforced Ni-based nanocomposite coating synthesized using electroless deposition technique

Hiba Al Gailani, Adel K Mahmoud and Hana A Al Qasy

University of Diyala, Department of Materials Engineering, Iraq
Ankara Yildirim Beyazit University, Turkey
University of Technology, Iraq

: J Electr Eng Electron Technol


Electroless Ni-based-Al2O3 nanocomposite coatings have found wide range of applications due to their high hardness and wear resistance. The present work investigate the influence of electroless deposition process parameters on the morphology, microhardness and wear behavior of electroless Al2O3 reinforced Ni-based nanocomposite coating. Four parameters, namely concentration of nickel sulphate, concentration of Al2O3 nanoparticles as a second phase particles, and deposition time on the morphology, microhardness and wear resistance of electroless Al2O3 reinforced nanocomposite coating were considered in this study. The compositional, microstructural, phase structure and morphological analysis were conducted using EDS-X-Ray analysis, X-Ray diffraction analyzer, and scanning electron microscope respectively. While wear behaviour was investigated using reciprocating wear test machine.


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