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Studying and comparing deflections values of periodic plates with direct forms from a single material

Yaser Abdulaziz Hadi

Yanbu Industrial College, KSA

: J Electr Eng Electron Technol


The idea of the research relies on the concept of the matrix structures and the study of the bending and shaking forces of their layers. The destructive effects of the waves are shown more significantly when increasing the number of plates or units because the waves absorbed or refracted are identical in changes when occurring in the medium plates. A Matlab model was designed based on a set of formulae with 3D three periodic plates to compute mass and stiffness of the plates and compute the values of deflections and displacement. The program re-implemented again on the premise that the plates made of straight iron block materials to compute deflections values and compare with periodic plates prepared from copper and iron. After examining the overall structure of the periodic landfill forms of ‘iron block’ and ‘copper’ and it’s mechanical characteristics, and trying to figure out the usefulness of adding copper on side limbs, show that there is a direct correlation of forces acting on the roofs of copper plates dumped on the basic plate ‘iron’ with landfill deflections and can control plate displacements and reduce external deflections. The study shows that there is an increase in durability and resistance in periodic injections with influential powers.


Yaser Abdulaziz Hadi has completed his PhD from University of Bradford. He is the Managing Director of Yanbu Industrial College, a higher education technical institute under the Royal Commission for Jubail and Yanbu. He has published more than 7 papers in reputed journals and 13 papers as conference proceedings contributor. He is a Professional Engineer with 9 qualification titles from awarding organizations. He has 4 Memberships in professional organizations like IE, SME, SEC, and SCE.

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