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The effects of pressure on the divers body despite the wave and flow

Karamipoor Afsaneh, Khoshkhou Maryam, Salimi Bani Sara and
Foladchang Sina

Research center Razi Rey, Iran

: J Mar Biol Oceanogr


Breath holds diving has been used for centuries is still used for recreation and commerce. This type of diving requires abilities such as keeping breath and bearing deep pressure and doing things quickly in a short time. But the compressed air pressure in the cylinders with air pressure that a diver can tolerate is not similar and the air pressure of the cylinders must change. In any diving (with or without air cylinders) exceeded a certain amount of air pressure on the diver’s body can be very dangerous. From 1900 onwards the rules of Pascal, Boyle, Dalton and Henry gases are special rules that explain the basic rules of diving and their relationship with the gases used. The present article refers to the rules and formulas to evaluate the relationship of physical pressure on the human body in areas up to a depth of about 40 meters with waves and flow as well as the effects of pressure changes at different depths on its human organs. Recent Publications 1. NOAA Dining Manual, 3rd Edition, U.S Department of commerce, National Ocean Atmospheric Atmospheric Administration, Washington. D.C. 1991. 2. U.S Navy Diving Manual, Vol .1(Air Diving) and vol 2 (Mixed Gas Diving), Best Publishing CO, BOX 30, BOX 30100. Flagstaff, A Z 1993. 3. Bennett P, Elliott D, editors. The Physiology and Medicine of Diving 4 edition WSaunders CO, philadlphia 1993. 4. Bove A A. Davis jc. editors. Diving MEDICINE. 2 ed. W. B. Saunders. Philadelphia 1990. 5. Edmonds C Lowry L. Pennfather. j Diving and Subaquatic Medicine. Butterworth Heinemann, Oxford. 1992.



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