The journey from convolutional neural network to real c

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The journey from convolutional neural network to real customer value

Andreas Greilhuber

Anyline GmbH, Austria

: J Comput Eng Inf Technol

Abstract is one of the most promising AI companies in Europe. Founded in 2013 – Anyline teaches smart phones reading. The start was a specific use-case and customer need to read the blood sugar devices for diabetes patients – a clear need and customer pain with a solution to bridge the analog and digital world with the smart phone camera. The solution was patented. We were struggling what to do next with our patented solution and decided to develop an offering for the utilities industry. Similar to the blood sugar devices there are more enough analog and digital electricity, water, heat and gas meters around the world. Even compelling events like the European smart meter roll-out existed, but where is the real customer value of a vertical integrated solution powered by AI and why B2B customers shall pay for. Step by step we evolved our business model from solving mobile app developer’s pain to use AI based technologies like TensorFlow to the right vertical integrates solutions for law enforcement, automotive, border control and finally developed a successful product and solution approach to generate the funds needed to further push the AI adoption together with our customers.


Andreas Greilhuber is a Computer Scientist by Profession and maker of large-scale services business units (gained experience with IBM, PricewaterhouseCoopers - 20 years’ experience with Technology and Consulting Firms, managed large- scale services business units in Europe, Middle-East and Africa). Overlooking an information technology era from PC to Artificial Intelligence with an experience in a wide range of disruptive technologies and business models (e.g., early adoption of IBM Watson in German-Speaking Market in the Health Industry), he decided to leave corporates and make AI real with an Austrian start- up. He is currently engaged as Chief Operations Officer with ANYLINE, Business Developing and Advisor of an innovation platform Innovation 4.x. located in Linz, Tel Aviv and Belin.


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