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Time before surgery vs recovery of Lumbar Herniation. Chilean reality in the public health system

Marcos Ganga Villagran, Juan Pablo Santelices Lopez, Patricio Omar Almonacid Lorca, Loreto Consuelo
Pulido Quintana and Andrea Cecilia Palacios Castillo

Universidad de Chile, Chile
Complejo Hospitalario San José, Chile

: J Spine Neurosurg


Objective: To assess the impact between the time passed since the beginning of side effects and the medical procedure of lumbar HNP in the last useful recuperation of the complete therapy of patients. Methods: Review unmistakable investigation of instances of HNP treated by lumbar discectomy somewhere in the range of 2009 and 2015 by the spine group of the Hospital San José, utilizing SPSS (form 22 of IBM) for the factual examination. Results: Of 110 patients subject to a medical procedure, 54 were selected (22 ladies and 32 men), somewhere in the range of 18 and 75 years of age, with a normal age of 43 years. The vast majority of patients are dynamic specialists, 76% without comorbidities. The transcendent level impacted was L4/L5 with 52% of the cases. The mean movement season of the indications before the principal counsel was 27 months, the holding up time between the conference and the medical procedure was 5.6 months. Conclusions: 86% of the patients - introduced great outcomes in VAS. The Oswestry survey arrived at a positive outcome in 90%, a base inability in 40%, moderate in half, and greatest in 10%. No factual relationship was accomplished between any of the assessed factors and the result of the medical procedure.


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