Trust mechanisms: How to solve problems AI has introduc

Journal of Computer Engineering & Information Technology.ISSN : 2324-9307

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Trust mechanisms: How to solve problems AI has introduced

Mark Stephen Meadows

Botanic Technologies, USA

: J Comput Eng Inf Technol


The consumer experience is changing radically, and globally. Today, a range of AI-powered characters are appearing in the form of chatbots, assistants, videobots and VR/AR avatars. According to Gartner, Pew, and others the bot market will triple in size in the coming three years, growing from a $3bn industry today, to over $20bn by 2020. Conversational interfaces are now telling us what to do with our money, health and transportation. These systems instruct us where to invest, what healthcare plans to follow, and where to drive. How can we trust these systems? These bots need license plates. Bots and AI need authentication. They need regulation, transparency, and systems we can trust. Luckily blockchain solves many of the problems that AI presents. This keynote looks at how authentication and trust may be implemented and the implications for the coming decade from know your customer to anti-money laundering to new economic models around the democratization of AI.


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