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Use water technology and reduce carbon to electricity manufacturing with save money and save our environment

Md Kamrul Hasan

YOUTH Shafi Research Department, Bangladesh

: J Electr Eng Electron Technol


A water technology installed on your Generator engine or any type of engine (without common rail and airplane) will help you increase fuel mileage by making gas work more efficiently. It does not require any engine modifications, so your engine warranty is still in tacked instead a water technology uses your battery to create what is called brown gas. This mixture of hydrogen and ordinary gasoline burns cleaner, longer and is also safer for your family and for the environment. The process is amazing yet simple. Using a small amount of electric current from your car battery, water molecules are broken apart inside a hydrogen generator and that reduces water to its component parts, oxygen and hydrogen. That hydrogen is known as brown gas or Brown’s gas. When it combines with gasoline, it improves the combustion (or burning) dramatically. That combustion is the process that moves the pistons up and down and makes the whole car run. When more of the fuel is burned inside the combustion chamber, there are a number of positive results. Horsepower and Performance Soar: One is that more of the gas you buy gets used (or burned), not blown out through your exhaust system. This has a huge impact on fuel economy up to 60%. It also means your engine will feel vastly more powerful. Horsepower and performance will soar. The brown gas created in your hydrogen generator also makes your engine run smoother, quieter and shift more easily. Water inside the combustion chamber is the cause. The water technology also has an impact on the environment. Water helps your engine run at a lower heat and emissions of CO2 are drastically reduced. Your car begins to help the environment by adding oxygen instead of adding carbon dioxide and other toxic byproducts. Finally, brown gas does not just improve fuel economy and emissions. It is also a safer substance for your family. Since the brown gas created by your hydrogen generator is part hydrogen, it is fifteen times lighter than air and disperses in the air more quickly. Where heavier fuel and fuel vapors will remain on the ground, a flammable hazard, hydrogen disappears into the atmosphere harmlessly. Hydrogen is also completely non toxic; gasoline and diesel fuel and fumes are notoriously toxic for human beings and all animals.


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