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Using ultrasound in emergency trauma instead of x-ray

Husayn Ali Suliman Alshutayh


: J Clin Exp Oncol


Depends in looking for bone and adjacent tissue structures configuration. The idea of research began at 2011 during the Libyan war and the increase in the number of injuries and the reception of a large number of patients in a limited time witch needs rapid diagnostic and medical services such as X-ray urgently for many patients in same time without delay, then the idea of using ultrasound in the diagnosis of fractures to save patients life The results obtained from 114 cases within 3 days and were impressive, as 122 bone fracturs of 97 traumatic cases that did not require an X-ray examination. The remaining 17 cases needed x-ray confirmation. The idea was wonderful and impressive and we later used it research for more than 1700 cases for 5 years during the civil war in Libya and the search is still underway using diagnostic ultrasound is first choice before the radiation in emergency trauma and non-emergency and research is still going on. Our main findings are the ultrasound advantages in comparison to X- ray are: (a) 20 minutes Faster (b) 100% Saver (c) Easier (d) 75% Smoother (e) 50% less equipment’s needs (f) the need for x-rays for more than 60% (g) radiation contamination 60% (h) Cheaper (i) Reduction of diagnostic expenses 50%.


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