What is the relation between Artificial Intelligence an

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What is the relation between Artificial Intelligence and pattern recognition under the Internet of things?

Yibin Hou and Jin Wang

Beijing University of Technology, China

: J Comput Eng Inf Technol


At present, the electronic commerce and the customer alliance network shopping and network analysis is becoming increasingly popular, mainly is the result of highly developed and popular wireless communication. The work of software mainly includes artificial intelligence and the Internet of things, and the knowledge of artificial intelligence will be used in the research of the Internet of things. Assembly language mainly includes sequential branch cycle programming, subroutine definition and call. The core component of microcomputers is microprocessors. Intel introduces Pentium MMX (multi energy Pentium), Pentium Pro (high energy Pentium), Pentium two generation, three generation, four generation and so on and Itanium. IBM is also known as the blue giant. The IBM PC series microcomputer has the characteristics of advanced design, rich software, complete functions, cheap price and openness. The system function call mainly includes two kinds of DOS and BIOS. In the DOS operating system, there are two layers of internal subroutines for users to use, and they are the basic inputoutput subroutines, BIOS and DOS layer function modules. Many functions of DOS are similar to those of BIOS calls. They both have similar writing formats, but DOS provides more necessary tests. Therefore, DOS operation is generally easier than the corresponding BIOS part. Assembly language mainly involves BCD code and ASCII code. Software engineering mainly involves the use of visio_project_power design mapping, library management system feasibility study report and project development plan writing, data flow diagram and system flow chart production. Ticket booking system is an important issue in the field of software engineering. The UML modeling under software engineering is modeled with vision, power design, and rational rose. The aerospace science and technology industry is also an important application of the Internet of things. Recent Publications: 1. Wang J and Bin Hou Y (2016) Packet loss rate mapped to the quality of experience. Multimedia Tools and Applications 77(1):387–422. 2. Wang Jin and Yi bin Hou (2016) Investigation on the internet of things. International Journal of Engineering Sciences & Research Technology DOI: 10.5281/zenodo.221118. 3. Jin Wang and Yi bin Hou (2016) No-reference network packet loss video quality assessment model based on LS-SVM. Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing 541:403-410. 4. Yi bin Hou and Jin Wang (2017) Investigation at the QOE and packet loss rate of the IOT network. American Journal of Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery 2(1):15-29. 5. Yi bin Hou and Jin Wang (2017) Investigation of the IOT network of packet loss’s long-range dependence and QOE. Machine Learning Research 1(1):42-50.


Yibin Hou graduated from xi’ an Jiaotong university computer science department, with a master’s degree in engineering, graduated from the Netherlands EINDHOVEN university of technology department, received a doctor’s degree from the department of engineering. From 2002 to 2013 as vice President of Beijing university of technology. The Beijing university of technology, professor, doctoral supervisor, dean of the school of software, embedded computing, director of the institute, Beijing university of technology, deputy director of academic committee and secretary-general, Beijing Internet software and systems engineering technology research center director. His research interests have been Internet of things.


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