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Albina Dolores Resende

Albina Dolores Resende, PhD
Department of Sciences
Institute of Health Sciences North, Portugal

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Dr. Albina Dolores Resende completed PhD in Biomedical Sciences from ICBAS. Dr. Albina Dolores Resende currently works at Department of Sciences of the Institute of Health Sciences North, ISCS-N e IPSN. Dr. Albina has been dedicated to scientific research, almost exclusively from 1996 to 2008. During this period and as a result of this investigation concluded the Masters and doctorate, always addressing areas such as histology, cell biology and microscopy. Dr. Albina Dolores Resende has published many articles in various journals.

Research Interest

Dr. Albina Dolores Resende has worked with brown trout mainly liver and kidney using microscopic and spectophotometric methods.


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