Journal of Nuclear Energy Science & Power Generation TechnologyISSN: 2325-9809

Bilge Yildiz

Bilge Yildiz, PhD
Nuclear Science and Engineering Department
Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA

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Dr. Bilge Yildiz is an Associate Professor of Nuclear Science and Engineering. Dr. Bilge Yildiz earned her PhD in Nuclear Science and Engineering, Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 2003. Professor Bilge Yildiz’s research aims to gain a predictive understanding of the relation between the structure and physical chemistry of material surfaces in increasingly harsh and coupled environments of chemical reactivity and applied stress.

Research Interest

Yildiz's research approach tightly integrates experimental and computational techniques at comparable scales. Her group’s experimental specialization is the probing of surface atomic and electronic structure using scanning tunneling microscopy in harsh operando conditions. On the computational front, her group is advancing multiscale methods to overcome the timescale limitation of traditional atomistic methods.


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