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Borhan Mansouri

Borhan Mansouri
Kurdistan Environmental Health Research Center
Kurdistan University of Medical Sciences, Iran

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Borhan Mansouri is a PhD candidate in Toxicology at Kurdistan Environmental Health Research Center, Kurdistan University of Medical Sciences, Iran. Borhan Mansouri did M.Sc. in Natural Resources Engineering-Environment in 2011 at Department of Environment, Universityof Birjand, Iran. Borhan Mansouri has published over 40 articles and received many awards. Borhan Mansouri served as a reviewer for many journals. Most of his studies are on influences of metals in the organs of fish and birds but he is also involved in research on water, sediment and plants contamination. He is interested in continuing his studies focusing on ecotoxicology and chemical contamination inthe environment and other organisms.

Research Interest

Borhan Mansouri’s research interests are Ecotoxicology, Biological Monitoring, Trace Metals, Organic Contamination.


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