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Brian Gilmour

Brian GilmourPhD
RTI International, USA

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Brian Gilmour, PhD, manages the molecular biology, in vitro pharmacology, high-throughput screening, and assay development group at RTI. While providing the resources and expertise to perform and interpret cell-based assays, this group also designs, develops, and validates additional assays. Recently, Dr. Gilmour has been collaborating with the engineering group to develop novel 3D in vitro models of human organs. Dr. Gilmour came to RTI in 2004 after working as director of Neurogenomics at Cogent Neurosciences Inc., an early-stage drug discovery company. While at Cogent, he established their molecular biology capabilities and optimized and validated multiple high-throughput biological assays.

Research Interest

Dr. Brian P. Gilmour current focus is on screening and characterization assays for ligands of G-protein-coupled receptors and ion channels. The techniques used include generation of stably expressing cell lines, radioligand-binding assays, FLIPR™-based calcium and membrane potential assays, guanine nucleotide exchange assays, enzyme complementation assays, reporter gene assays, and high-content automated fluorescence imaging.


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