Journal of Addictive Behaviors,Therapy & RehabilitationISSN: 2324-9005

Carlo Lai

Dr. Carlo Lai, PhD
Department of Dynamic and Clinical Psychology, Sapienza University of Rome, Italy

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Dr. Lai covers the development of communication skills in newborns by studying behavioral parameters, electroencephalographic and epigenetic; Mourning for family members of terminally ill patients with cancer with the aim of identifying risk factors and protection for mourning in caregivers of terminally ill patients. Psychology and Psychopathology WEB mediated studying the mode of expression of psychopathology through the use of the web; Psychological predictors of organ rejection after kidney and liver studying the psychological factors associated with pre-transplant organ rejection after transplantation; Basic research on the neurobiological correlates of the psychological aspects (memory, sleep, dream and perception of pain) involved during anesthesia in surgery by investigating the neurobiological factors, behavioral and electroencephalographic implicit memory, the dream and the perception of pain in anesthesia. Basic research on dissociative processes involved in individuals subject to collective traumas.

Research Interest

Dr. Carlo research interests arememory, sleep, dream and perception of pain.


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