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Denise Evans

Denise Evans PhD
Senior Researcher - Epidemiology
University of the Withatersand

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Denise Evans joined HE2RO as a Senior Researcher in Epidemiology in 2011, having worked for two years at another WHC research unit, the the Clinical HIV Research Unit. She has a background in Molecular and Cellular Biology and Immunology and completed her doctorate in Biomedical Technology at the University of Johannesburg in 2007. Since then she has completed 2 post-doctoral fellowships. Denise is part of the HIV treatment outcomes focus area and her current role is to analyse observational data obtained from large cohorts of HIV positive patients to monitor treatment and patient outcomes.

Research Interest

Denise Evans research interests include:

  • Interventions to improve adherence,
  • Low cost monitoring of HIV in resource-limited settings
  • Impact of nutritional supplementation during the first months on ART


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