Journal of Electrical Engineering and Electronic TechnologyISSN: 2325-9833

Fady El-Nahal

Fady El-Nahal, PhD
Department of Electrical Engineering
Islamic University of Gaza, Palestine

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Dr. Fady El-Nahal is an associate professor with the department of Electrical Engineering at the Islamic University of Gaza. He received the MPhil. degree in Microelectronic Engineering and the Ph.D degree in Optical Communications Engineering from the University of Cambridge. Dr. Fady is currently the head of the electrical engineering dept. and the chairman of the Oxford and Cambridge society of Palestine.

Research Interest

Dr. Fady El-Nahal’s research interests are in the area of high speed communication systems, optical data communications, Applications of WDM components for data communications, Multi-wavelength fibre optic networks, Guided-Wave and Free Space Optical Systems and Components, Tunable optical filters and other functional devices for wavelength division multiplexed optical networks, Optics and SLM devices, Telecommunications switches, Holography and tuneable lasers.


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