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Giuseppe Plazzi

Giuseppe Plazzi, PhD
Department of Neurology
University of Bologna, Italy

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Dr. Giuseppe Plazzi has graduated in Medicine and Surgery in 1987 from University of Bologna cum laude and Post-graduated in specialisation in Neurology, in 1992 from University of Bologna cum laude. Dr. Plazzi has been fellow at the Sleep Disorders Center of the Neurological Institute of the University of Bologna (Chief Professor Elio Lugaresi) during 1992-1999. Dr. Plazzi was Assistant Professor of Neurology at the University of Bologna, Head of the Sleep Lab. Dr. Plazzi is the author of 264 scientific publications including 134 abstracts and Congress presentations, 4 book chapters and 126 papers, mostly (99) published in international journals (The Lancet, Annals of Neurology, Brain, Brain Pathology, Neurology, Archives of Neurology, Sleep, Movement Disorders, Clinical Neurophysiology, Sleep Medicine, etc.) on research topics in neurology and neurophysiology, especially sleep disorders and epilepsy. Dr. Plazzi is a member of the following scientific societies: Italian Society of Neurology since 1998; Italian Society Sleep Medicine since 1995; Italian League Against Epilepsy since 1989, Italian Society of EEG and Clinical Neurophysiology since 1990; American Academy of Neurology, USA, since 1995; American Academy of Sleep Medicine (formerly American Sleep Disorders Association), USA, since 1996. Dr. Plazzi is member of the Steering Committee of the Italian Society Sleep Medicine.

Research Interest

Dr. Giuseppe Plazzi’s research interests include: Pathophysiology of narcolepsy; genetics of sleep disorders; nocturnal epilepsy; Motor control during sleep; Disturbances of motor control during sleep (parasomnias, REM sleep behavior disorders, restless legs and periodic limb movements of sleep, etc); Sleep in neurological disorders.


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