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Kimberly K. Leslie

Kimberly K. Leslie, MD
Obstetrics and Gynecology
University of Lowa, USA

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Kimberly K. Leslie is the Professor and Head of Obstetrics and Gynecology Department at the University of Lowa, USA. Dr. Leslie completed his Post-Doctorae in Medicine fromSouthwestern Medical School, University of Texas, Dallas, Texas. Dr. Leslie has received consistent research funding since 1989 and is the recipient of more than 22 peer-reviewed grants. Among these are the Reproductive Scientist Development Program (RSDP) and the American Obstetrical and Gynecologic Foundation/Burroughs Wellcome Fellowship. These mentored grants, received while undertaking post-doctoral research training in the laboratories of Drs. Janice Chou, intramural NICHD, and Kathryn Horwitz, the University of Colorado, were followed by the award of an R03, R21, and R29 from NIH.

Research Interest

Dr. Leslie's laboratory investigates the molecular biology of hormone action and hormone receptors in reproductive tissues. Her greatest research contribution has focused on the response to steroid stimulation and the phenotypic and genomic mechanisms in endometrial cancer. New areas of focus include sub-cellular localization of progesterone receptors, proteomics as a tool for cancer screening, and progesterone receptor cross-talk with the growth factors and other signaling molecules.


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