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Rosanna Maccari

Rosanna Maccari, PhD
Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Health Products
University of Messina, Italy

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Dr. Rosanna Maccari is full-time university researcher in theDepartment of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Health Products at University of Messina, Italy. Dr. Rosanna Maccari has a degree in Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Technology, and subsequently in the pharmacy, with the highest grades and academic honors, from the University of Messina. He attended the PhD in Pharmaceutical Sciences, University of Messina, and he received the title of Doctor of Philosophy in 1997.

Research Interest

Dr. Rosanna Maccari scientific work is related to the design, synthesis, characterization, the study of structure / activity and ottimizzazionedi compounds of pharmaceutical interest. Currently his research is mainly directed to the study of: a) inhibitors of protein tyrosine phosphatases as novel agents for the treatment of insulin resistance and related diseases; b) aldose reductase inhibitors for the treatment of diabetic complications.


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