Journal of Regenerative Medicine ISSN: 2325-9620

Shihori Tanabe

Shihori Tanabe
Division of Safety Information on Drug, Food and Chemicals,
National Institute of Health Sciences, USA

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Shihori Tanabe, a holder of Ph.D. degree, is currently a senior researcher at Division of Safety Information on Drug, Food and Chemicals in concurrent with Director for Planning and Coordination’s in National Institute of Health Sciences (NIHS). She completed her doctorate in pharmaceutical science with the field in molecular biology and pharmacology at the University of Tokyo. She also performed the research mainly focused on biochemistry and cellular biology in College of Medicine, University of Illinois at Chicago. A part of her research is focused on gene expression profiling and finding important factors of various cells including cancer cells and stem cells using bioinformatics approach including microarray and real-time RT-PCR techniques. She has also conducted research such as cellular signaling, cardiac cell research and protein regulation mechanism, and made contribution in the field of molecular biology, pharmacology and biochemistry.

Research Interest

Shihori Tanabe’s research interest is in profiling cancer cells and stem cells in terms of cellular phenotype and cellular signaling. She is also interested in finding essential factors to distinguish cancer cell types for revealing mechanism of cancer development and safe application of the cells as cellular therapeutics in regenerative medicine, as well as in assessing the long-term influences of the alteration in gene expression and cellular phenotype from the point of view of regulatory science.


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