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Simona Neri

Simona Neri
Laboratory of Immunorheumatology and tissue regeneration
University of Bologna, Italy

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Dr. Simon Neri is Biologist Laboratory of Immunorheumatology and tissue regeneration. She obtained her Doctoral degree - 1999 (PhD) in Cellular biology and physiology, University of Bologna, Italy. She has attained pecialist qualification, cum laude, in Clinical Pathology, University of Bologna, Italy (2003. Dr. Simon Neri has authored twenty publications in journals with IF.

Research Interest

Dr. Simon Neri research interests include Genetic alterations during in vitro and in vivo cellular ageing, particularly concerning the DNA Mismatch repair system. Cellular and molecular characterization of the immune response during normal ageing and in age-related diseases. Cartilage biology: basic and clinical research.


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