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VAN Pham Dang Tri

VAN Pham Dang Tri, PhD
Department of Environment and Natural Resources Management
Can Tho University, Vietnam

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VAN Pham Dang Tri is currently a Head of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources Management, College of Environment and Natural Resources, Can Tho University, Vietnam. With a wide range of scientific background, he focuses on integrated research with great attention to waterscape management and river modelling and tries to understand possible impacts of climate change on behaviours of the different river networks and changes of agriculture and aquaculture in the Vietnamese Mekong Delta. He is currently participating in different national and international projects as either a project manager or a technical adviser.VAN Pham Dang Tri completed his School of Geography in 2010 from the University of Southampton, UK and the PhD study on River Modelling and Morphology.VAN Pham Dang Tri recieved his Master of Soil Science in 2005 from Wageningen University, the Netherlands Master of Soil Science (by coursework).He completed his Engineer of Land Management in 2001 from Can Tho University, Vietnam.

Research Interest

VAN Pham Dang Tri research interests include Impacts of projected climate change scenarios on physical and socio-economic settings at local and regional scales,Waterscape management,River modelling, especially on a multi-channel network, on flooding estimation and river bed dynamic,Geomorphological changes of a riverbed, especially in the context of climate change and socio-economic development.


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