About Behavioral Addiction

Behavioral Addiction is a pattern of behaviour that follows cycle similar to substance dependence. Behavioural addicts will have compulsion to engage in a behaviour that gives them pleasure to cope up with stress, most physical addictions to substances such as alcohol, heroin, or barbiturates also have a psychological component. For example, an alcoholic who has not used alcohol for years may still crave a drink. Thus some researchers feel that we need to look at both physical and psychological dependencies upon a variety of substances, activities, and behaviors as an addictive process and as addictive behaviours. In addition to a drug or alcohol addiction, some people suffer from behavioral addictions, which can range from eating disorders to gambling, shopping and porn. Disorders such as obsessive-compulsive disorder, anxiety, and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder are all considered behavioral disorders. Many children who experience these disorders also suffer from depression and may even exhibit violent behavior in certain cases. This disorder include a wide range of symptoms like excessive talking, constant worrying, restlessness, worrying, sleep difficulties, feeling of negativity, Because behavior disorders envelop such a wide range of disorders, it can be difficult to determine the exact behavioral disorder an individual suffers from. Counseling and other behavioral therapies are critical elements of rehabilitation, Medications are crucial element of treatment for many patients, and possible drug use during treatment must be monitored continuously

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