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About Cervical Pathology

Cervical Pathology is the science of the causes and effects of diseases related to cervix with laboratory examination for diagnostic purposes. Major diseases of Cervix include: Cervical endometriosis, Ectropion and endocervicitis etc. Cervical cancer prevention depends upon detection and treatment of high-grade (CIN2,3) cervical lesions most likely to progress to invasive cancer in the absence of treatment. Two primary cervical screening tests are now in use The Pap test, which includes the conventional Pap smear and the liquid-based Pap test.

A colposcopy is a close-up view of the cervix, vagina and vulva for signs of disease. It is used to detect abnormal cells on the cervix. During a colposcopy procedure, physician uses a colposcope — an instrument that looks like binoculars with a bright light mounted on a stand. Colposcopy is usually done in one of two circumstances: to examine the cervix either when the result of a Pap smear is abnormal, or when the cervix looks abnormal during the collection of a Pap smear.

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