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About Environment Monitoring

Environmental monitoring defined as the processes and activities including characterizing and monitoring the quality of the environment. It is used in the preparation of environmental impact assessments, and in some cases who involves human activities those carrying a risk of harmful effects on the natural environment. All strategies and monitoring programmes have valid reason and are often designed in a way to establish the current status of an environment and to establish trends in environmental parameters Biosensors in environmental monitoring, used for the detection of pollutants is becoming increasingly important to regulatory agencies, the regulated community and the general public. This is particularly true for compounds that pose a potential human health risk or risk to the environment. Many of the monitoring requirements of this environmental legislation might potentially be accomplished using biosensor applications in environmental monitoring. The diversity and quantity of chemicals released into the environment has risen dramatically in recent years which causes serious concerns about their adverse effects on the ecosystem and on human health. As a result, new low-cost effective tools are needed for monitoring pollution, detecting trends over time and ultimately controlling pollution. Environmental monitoring includes sensor networks which can capture the spatial and temporal state of the environment and thus constitute a valuable tool that can be used to determine the best available technologies in support of risk assessment and environmental sustainability. An important application of the Environmental monitoring is also to assess the impact of agricultural and urban land use, on water, sediment and soil quality.

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