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About Erosion

Erosion control is the process of controlling wind or water erosion in agriculture, land development, coastal areas, riverbanks and construction and a sediment control is a device designed to keep eroded soil on a construction site, so that it does not wash off and cause water pollution to a nearby stream, river, lake, or sea. Coastal erosion is concerned all around the world, for which is a problem at many coastal sites exacerbated by human activities, and its adaptive management through reasonable mitigation measures is also in the ascendant. Coastal erosion results in heavy land loss and aggravates financial burden, which is unacceptable. There are four main erosion types: Raindrop Erosion, Sheet erosion, rill and gully erosion, stream and channel erosion. Raindrop Erosion is due to the direct impact of falling rain drops on soil particles. Sheet erosion is the removal of a layer of exposed surface soil by the action of raindrop splash and runoff. Sedimentology is the study to derive information on the depositional conditions which acted to deposit the rock unit, and the relation of the individual rock units in a basin into a coherent understanding of the evolution of the sedimentary sequences and basins, and thus, the Earth geological history as a whole.

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