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About Forensic Science

Forensic science covers many areas of traditional science and melds them together to create an area of science called forensics. Forensic science uses areas of science such as:

  • Chemistry (chromatography, spectroscopic analysis, pH and other chemical tests)
  • Biology (entomology, fingerprinting, behaviour, hairs, DNA testing etc)
  • Physical science (blood spatter analysis, ballistics, structural analysis, car movements in car accidents)

Forensic science is an umbrella term that has various areas under it. When a crime is committed and the forensic team is called in, there are many experts who cover their specialised fields. Although all these people could be considered forensic scientists, they have specific areas that they work in.

There has always been a role for forensic science in criminal investigations, but with criminals committing clever, well thought out crimes more often, forensic science is now an essential tool for criminal investigations.

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