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About Geriatric Dentistry

It is also known as gerodontists and deals with the dental problems especially for older peoples. It involves diagnosis, treatment and prevention of problems related to aging and age related diseases. It is the branch of dentistry which deals with the special knowledge and technical skills to provide oral health care for old age people. There are many benefits associated with geriatric dentistry. For example: It improves socialization, mastication of food and nutrition. Geriatric treatment is based on comprehensive dental, medical, psychological, social and functional assessment of patient. Geriatric Dentistry is a specialty which deals with the delivery of oral health care through diagnosis, prevention and treatment of oral and dental health issues of old aged patients. It deals with the management of the dental issues which appear due to the normal aging and other age-related factors. These issues include problems with mastication, speech, aesthetics, and oral health related quality of life.

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