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About Hypo and Hyperglycemia

Hyperglycemia refers to chronically high blood glucose levels. Hypoglycemia refers to dangerously low blood glucose levels that drop below 70mg/dL. It is an acute complication of diabetes and occurs in individuals who use insulin. Persistent hyperglycemia can cause a wide range of chronic complications that affect almost every system in your body. When large blood vessels are affected, it can lead to: Stroke (cerebral vascular disease), Heart attack or Congestive Heart Failure (coronary heart disease), Circulation disorders and possible amputation (peripheral vascular disease). Symptoms of hypoglycemia include the following: Sweating, Rapid pulse, Shakiness, dizziness, weakness, Decreased coordination, Difficulty concentrating, Blurred vision, Headache, Trouble performing routine tasks. If hypoglycemia is not treated immediately, it can result in: Severe confusion and disorientation, Unconsciousness, Seizures, Coma, Death.

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