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About Nanofabrication

Nanofabrication is the design and manufacture of devices with dimensions measured in nanometers. One nanometer is a millionth of millimeter. Topics of interest for Nanofabrication are all aspects of lithographic methods aiming at the submicron- to nanoscale, and the application of the created structures and devices in physical and biomedical experiments. Nanofabrication is of interest to computer engineers because it opens the door to super-high-density microprocessor s and memory chip s. It has been suggested that each data bit could be stored in a single atom. The division of nanotechnology which involves the study and application of nanostructures in called Nanofabrication. In recent years there have been important developments in the methods used for fabricating nano-scale devices. Methods include electron beam lithography, atomic layer deposition and molecular vapour deposition. These techniques are all extensions of general scientific advancement as opposed to methods which have been devised with the sole purpose of fabricating nano-devices.

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