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About Night Terrors

Night terrors (sleep terrors) are a sleep disorder in which a person quickly wakes from sleep in a terrified state. Night terrors typically occur in children. Children from age groups of three are affecting more commonly. Night terrors are intense and potentially dangerous events most commonly seen in nonrapid eye movement sleep.

Night terrors or sleep terrors are characterized by autonomic nervous system activation: tremulousness, tachycardia, tachypnea, mydriasis, and sweating. Facial expressions of intense fear or terror are associated with uncontrollable shouting, screaming, gasps, moans, and agitation.

The most common parasomnias are night terrors, followed by confusional arousals or sleepwalking. The recognition of both cardiac anomalies and night terrors often results in sudden death.The cause of night terrors is not exactly known. About 10% of children have them as a result of undergoing anaesthesia for surgery that lasts for couple of weeks.

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