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About Personal Genomics

It is the branch of genomics concerned with the sequencing and analysis of the genome of an individual. Personal genomics is an area of genomics focusing specifically on the sequencing and analysis of one person’s genome, and then giving them their genomic information. The Human Genome Project? sequenced DNA? pooled from a range of individuals, to create an average or ‘reference’ genome. However, every genome? is unique, and, with the development of DNA sequencing? technologies, it is now becoming practical and affordable for individuals to choose to get their genomes sequenced. This is called personal genomics. Although the ability to choose to access your own genetic information is still a relatively young phenomenon, it is thought that one day it could form a key part of our everyday healthcare. Personal genomics could allow us to optimise our health on a whole different level to improving our diet and doing more exercise. Personal genomics can also be used to predict or confirm a genetic disease?. By looking at an individual’s genome it is possible to identify genetic variants? that may increase the likelihood of an individual having a genetic disease later on in life.

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