About Psychiatry and Psychotherapy

Psychiatry is the medical specialty that involves the study, diagnosis and treatment of various medical disorders. It involves a variety of treatments, often a combination of both therapy and medication. Psychiatry literally means “medical treatment of the soul” Psychiatrists are physicians who specialize in using clinical practices in the treatment of mental illnesses and disorders, including bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, anxiety disorders and addictions. The main role for psychiatrists is to diagnose, assess, and treat mental illnesses. Psychiatrists have a wide variety of available options and methods to treat their patients. Psychiatrists treat their patients using the appropriate combination of psychotherapy, psychoanalysis, medication, and hospitalization. Psychotherapy is conducted with individuals, groups, couples and families. Psychotherapists help people to overcome stress, emotional and relationship problems or troublesome habits. There are many different approaches in psychotherapy, or talking therapies, which include: cognitive behavioral therapies, psychoanalytic therapies, psychodynamic therapies, systemic and family psychotherapy, arts and play therapies, humanistic and integrative psychotherapies, hypno-psychotherapy and experiential constructivist therapies

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