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About Radiation Therapy

Radiation Therapy
Radiation therapy is a modern technique used commonly for destroying the cancerous cells present in the affected area. This therapy generally utilises the Electromagnetic radiations like (x-rays, gamma rays, protons etc.), targeted to the affected area. Sometimes to produce high energy radiation, accelerators are being used which increases the energy of the radiation and helps in destroying the target cells effectively. Most commonly used accelerators is cyclotrons, cobalt-60. Depending on the type of radiation source being utilised there are different types of treatments available like proton therapy, external radiation therapy, gamma rays, x-rays. In proton therapy, protons which are extracted from cyclotrons are used. These high energy proton beams are then directed towards the targeted cells. This is an advance treatment used for cancer patients. External radiation, in this treatment, external beams is being utilised to treat the affected area. Gamma rays, they are ionising radiations like x-rays but carry a higher energy levels and kill the cancer cells effectively. The major disadvantage is that since they are having a higher energy level they destroy the normal cells also.

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