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About Skin lesions

A skin lesion is any change in the normal character of your skin. A skin lesion may occur on any part of your body and cover a tiny or large area. Skin lesions can be singular or multiple, confined to one specific area of your body or distributed widely. Skin lesions include rash, cysts, pus-filled sacs, blisters, swelling, discolorations, bumps, hardening, or any other change in or on your skin. Skin lesions may result from a wide range of causes, as harmless as a small scrape or as serious as skin cancer. A normal skin mole is tan, brown, or black. Moles are usually round and less than 1/4 inch (6 mm) in diameter. Symptoms of a skin lesion include a new mole, and an old mole that has changed shape, color, or size. Additional symptoms of a skin lesion include skin lumps that increase in size, bleed, ooze, contain blood vessels, or become scaly or crusty.

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