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Sex Based Biology Journals

Journal of Women's Health, Issues & Care consistently ranked one in the top tier of all journals under the division of sex-based biology. Journal of Women Health, Issues & Care is the scientific journal to report exclusively on sex differences. The report of Society for Women's Health found that sex differences important to health and human disease occur in the womb and throughout the life span, affecting behaviour, perception, and health. Differences between the sexes are observed not only in the prevalence of diseases but also in the associated symptoms, immune system responses, and responses to vaccination. There is a clear relationship between sex and disease which serves as a root for one sex to respond differently to a particular disease from the other one. Sex-based biology has revolutionized the way that the scientific community views the sexes. The evidence is overwhelming, and as researchers continue to find more and more biological differences, they are gaining a greater understanding of the biological and physiological composition of both sexes. Journal of Women Health, Issues & Care appreciates the submission of manuscripts that meets the prevalent criteria of significance, relevance and scientific excellence in the field of sex-based biology. Articles submitted by authors are evaluated by a group of peer review experts in the field and ensures that the published articles are of high quality, reflect solid scholarship in their fields, and that the information they contain is accurate and reliable.

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