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Aging and sleep

"Restful sleep is productive at any age. However as we have a tendency to grow, our sleep patterns also modify accordingly. Every individuals sleep patterns are completely different. The National Sleep Foundation recommends that adults get seven to nine hours an evening. But if lack of sleep affects the complete day, then it is time to need attention. For better and healthier sleep few things to be adopted: • Stick to a daily time of day. • Turn off your pc and television before you go to bed. • Take some time to relax before you go to sleep. • Spend less time in bed. Wake up early in the morning and also avoid daytime naps. • If you cannot sleep, stand up for somewhat whereas and check out once more. • Don't drink alcohol in day time. Causes of Sleep issues as we grow old • Change: Life changes like moving, physical limitations because of unhealthiness, or the death of a dearest will cause stress and build it laborious to sleep. • Conditions: inflammatory disease, apnea, and Ekbom syndrome syndrome will all build sleeping more durable. • Retirement: you may have plenty of time and less active throughout the day. This will throw off your sleep-wake schedule. • Illness: If you have got coronary failure, arthritis, heartburn, associate degree enlarged prostate, or Alzheimer's disease, then you'll have a tough time falling or staying asleep. • Medications: Some medicine would possibly keep you from falling asleep or staying asleep. Some will even cause you to feel a lot of awake at midnight."