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Technical Textile

A Technical textile is a textile product manufactured for non-aesthetic purposes, where function is the primary criterion. A technical textile is a textile that has been developed to meet the exacting specified high-performance requirements of a particular end-use other than conventional clothing and furnishings. It is a large and growing sector and supports a vast array of other industries. The industrial fabrics that are used for various industrial applications are also classified as technical textiles. The Technical Textiles are also defined as Industrial Textiles, Hi-Tech Textiles, Functional Textiles, Performance Textile, Engineering Textiles and Invisible Textiles. An exceptional feature of technical textiles is the use of innumerable varieties of raw materials, processes, products and applications for their production. Technical Textiles are the consumer driven products which are produced to fulfill the specific requirements. Technical textiles can be divided into many categories, depending on their end use. They are Protech (protective textiles), Medtech (medical textiles), Mobiltech (Automotive and aerospace textiles), Buildtech (Construction Textiles), Clothtech (Clothing Textiles), Lift tech (Lifting Textiles), Geotech (Geo-textiles), Hometech (Domestic Textiles), Indutech (Industrial Textiles), Oekotech or Ecotech (Environmentally friendly textiles), Packtech (Packaging textiles) and Sporttech (Sports textiles). In present market opportunities and in free quota system the importance of technical textile materials is increasing to accommodate the needs of requirement. It is considered that technical textiles account for approximately 21 per cent of all textiles. The main markets are: traditional industrial fabrics (e.g: canvas, tents, etc.), transportation and automotive, leisure, geotextiles, medical textiles and protective apparel. The technical textiles show some specific areas of application like Conveyor belts and Electronics in textiles. For industrial applications and in power transmission, technical textiles are used in conveyor belts.

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