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Research Article, Int J Evol Vol: 2 Issue: 1

The Closest of Human between Three Hominidae Based on 16S rRNA Sequence Homology


Recently some evolution scientists claim that modern human have a common ancestor with African apes and other hominidae. In order to dentify the relation between the human and African apes in molecular view here we present a comparison between the human 16s rRNA sequence and three other hominidae (chimpanzee, gorilla, and orangutan). In this study we compared the sequences of the 16s rRNA and the intraspecies sequences were compared for each hominidae and the phylogenic trees were constructed for all the species. CLUSTALW program was used for sequence alignment and phylogenic tree creation. Phylogenic trees were designed by the neighbor-joining method. Our findings confirmed a common ancestor for human and three hominidae (chimpanzee, gorilla, bonobo). Moreover, we found higher nucleotide diversity between the hominidae than the human. We could hypothesize that the hominidae derivative from a common ancestor in a prior time in comparison with human. Our phylogenic findings may indicate that gibbon and orangutan was the first twin that separated from the great ape ancestor. Therefore, this could indicate that gibbon and orangutan may not be considered as humans closest, but the chimpanzee and bonobo might be considered as human closet.

Keywords: Hominidae; 16s rRNA; Human; Phylogenic tree

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