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Journal of Electrical Engineering and Electronic Technology


Guidelines for Proposal, Submission, and Review of Special Issue Articles
Special Issues should hold current authoritative scientific information in a specific area within the scope of the Journal, should contain articles of the current article types accepted by the journals and should be of excellent quality both in terms of knowledge and grammar.
Special Issues will be handled by Editors and Guest Editors of the same area of research and the proposal submitted by them should be accompanied by a list of potential contributors. The following information should be included as part of the proposal:
  • Proposed title for the Special Issue
  • Purpose and current relevance of the topic
  • List of Guest Editors who can handle articles
  • List of potential contributors
  • Tentative timelines for submission and review process
The papers published in the Special Issues will undergo the normal peer-review process to ensure the quality and meet the Journals’ standards.

Role of EB Members:

  • Review the Special Issue proposals for relevance to current research in the concerned field.
  • Recommend suitable proposals and their Guest Editors along with their biographies.
  • Once a proposal is accepted by the EB members for a Special Issue, the corresponding Guest Editors will be responsible for  handling and processing of the Special Issue articles.

Role of Guest Editor(s):

  • Prepare an overview or introduction for the topic of the Special Issue.
  • Suggest potential authors and invite them for contributing relevant articles for the proposed special issue.
  • Suggest a minimum of 3-5 reviewers for the manuscripts submitted. Each manuscript should be reviewed by at least two reviewers. Guest Editor can act as one of the reviewers.
  • Prepare a timeline and schedule for the release of Special Issue. This should include a timeline for manuscript preparation, review process, and final submission.

Submission Process:

For further information on Special Issue guidelines and submission process, please email us at [email protected] 


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