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Over few years, publishing scholarly peer reviewed journals has migrated to electronic web publishing as the main dissemination channel. SciTechnol is an International Publisher with 50 subscription journals in multidisciplinary fields. The journals are designed to be inclusive in scope and application focused. All the journals possess high standard of Peer Review with 1500 editorial staff for all content submitted.
Current scientific era demands author-centric viewpoint in possibility to free the articles from access barriers. This has been marked as a possible gradual transition path between subscription and open access into a Hybrid Mode of publication. The preference of researchers/authors for maximum exposure of application-oriented and groundbreaking research has contributed significantly to the transition of SciTechnol subscription journals into Hybrid Journals. SciTechnol will now be offering two options of publication - Multidisciplinary Hybrid Journals & traditional Subscription Journals - all designed to meet the varying needs of our authors throughout their careers.
SciTechnol charges authors, their institutions or funders a minimal fee for making an article open access in Hybrid Journals. The regular subscription articles are available in electronic versions as normal.
SciTechnol welcome associations to share scientific activities with each other and look for ways to work together in partnerships. We are anxious in associating with groups involved with science communication and diverse backgrounds including academia, education, public sector, industry and professional/learned societies etc. to make collaborations and enrich scientific activities with new ideas. We promote collaborations by advertising in staging activities of our conferences, free publications, and also making the most of all our resources to maximize public engagement with science. The motto of collaboration with international societies is to leverage adept imperative knowledge and ensure the viability & success of the Journal & Association mutually.
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SciTechnol had successfully collaborated with 18 reputed scientific associations of different arena across the globe. Associations in the field of Medical & Clinical Sciences include
Stem Cell Research Italy,

Saudi Society for Obstetrics and Gynecology,
Global Addiction-2013,
SMBI- The Moroccan Society of Bioinformatics,
Lebanese Society of Obstetrics & Gynecology,
Obstetrical & Gynecological Society of Sudan,
4th Emirates Rhinology & Otology Conference-2014,
Dysphagia Research Society,
Armenian Association of Otolaryngologists,
Bulgarian Rhinologic Society,
2nd Bulgarian-Italian Meeting on Rhinology,
Society of Otolaryngologists & Head Neck Surgeons of Bangladesh.

SciTechnol also had collaboration with reputed associations in the field of engineering aswellas management & Social Sciences. The associations include
European Nanoscience and Nanotechnology Association, - The International NanoScience Community,
African Association of Remote Sensing of the Environment Conference Proceedings-AARSE-2012,
The Moroccan Society of Bioinformatics,
Tourism Research Centre, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences,
International Conference on Hospitality & Tourism Marketing,
Asia-Pacific Social Science Conference-2014,
International Conference on Hospitality, Leisure, Sport, and Tourism-2014.
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