Fever is not a symptom in covid-19. None of the diseases require fever as its symptom.

We have been hearing for centuries that ‘fever is not a disease but a symptom’. Physicians say that fever is a symptom of diseases like flu to cancer. The conservative fever definition, diagnosis, and treatments are based on fever as a symptom. All the studies related to fever as a symptom of a disease have been done without knowing the Purpose of the temperature of fever is.

Without knowing the Purpose of the temperature of fever, how can fever included in the symptom definition?

Temperature between 38°C - 41°C can be symptom of a disease?

Most of the diseases may not have a fever. Sometimes it disappears. Then, is fever a symptom of which disease?


As with any or all other definitions, symptom definition should describe the symptom scientifically. If it cannot describe clearly, there is no use of a symptom definition. A symptom is a departure from normal function or feeling which is noticed only by a patient, indicating the presence of disease or abnormality. One cannot be understand directly if the temperature is elevated in the hypothalamus. Herewith a mechanical device is necessary to measure elevated temperature in the hypothalamus. In symptom definition, fever definition can’t be found. The elevation of body temperature is not included in symptom definition.


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