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3D Body Scanning as a Valuable Tool in a Mass Customization Business Model for the Clothing Industry

Previous research showed that garment fit is one of the most important factors that influence clothing comfort. This paper handles the use of 3D body scanning as a tool to obtain better fitting and customized garments. The study involved (1) a survey about the personally perceived body image and fitting problems of respectively 155 and 374 adult men and women and (2) a measuring campaign using 3D body scanners based on the structured white light technology. The campaign provided a database of 3D body images and 180 body measurements of 2500 persons between 3 and 70 years.
The results showed that with the exception of obese persons, the body image of most men corresponded to the measured data. Unlike a large number of women who judged themselves rather negatively. Especially women mentioned fitting problems at the level of the waist and hips. The analysis of the 3D data indicated that people having similar 1D dimensions often have different body shapes. Also, significant differences were noted between the results of the measurement campaign in 1990 and the one in 2013. Furthermore, the results demonstrated that age or certain professions influence body shape. The results of this study yielded in new size tables for the average population of men and women in different 4 different age categories and avatars in each available size.

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