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3D printing technology application for tissue engineering

Statement of the Problem: Patients with organ failure often suffer from increased morbidity and decreased quality of life. Current strategies of treating organ failure have limitations, including shortage of donor organs, low efficiency of grafts, and immunological problems. So, evolution of novel technicalities in biomedical engineering has aided to promote numerous prospects for modern stands for transplant trials. Methodology & theoretical orientation:  3D printing is emerging as a powerful tool for tissue engineering by enabling 3D cell culture within complex 3D bio-mimetic architectures. Bio printing is an eliciting device for distinguishing stem cells in 3D styles. The use of proper bio-materials with its cross-linking feature on extension of a cross linker allows the perfect building with which we can cultivate stem cells into a certain tissue or organ. Findings: Recent advances have enabled 3D printing of biocompatible materials, cells and supporting components into complex 3D functional living tissues. Bio-printing harnesses three dimensional precipitations of cell loaded bio-materials to originate an orderly fabric with tissue suitable building. This kind of engineered organ can display substitutes to donors for organ transplantation and tissue printing could show superior clinical rating of therapeutic factors. Nano-bio-materials function a crucial part in fostering the physicochemical characteristics of subsisting bio-materials. 3D-bioprinted tissue constructs are being developed not only for transplantation but also for use in drug discovery, analysis of chemical, biological, and toxicological agents.

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