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A Brief Note on the Practical Experience of a Patient who has Undergone Coronary Artery Bypass Grafting (CABG)

A 57 years old male patient has been found with severe chest pain during a period of 6 months. There were a few signs and symptoms of a stroke but was tested with ECG initially and found nothing complicated. The hypertension test was done with a value yielded 120/80 which is considered as a normal. With the observation under a specialty practitioner, the patient was suggested for 2D-echo and Treadmill test (TMT). So undergoing both these tests, it was found the positive result in the Treadmill test (TMT), so on further evaluation patient was suggested for a Coronary Angiogram test. So as on performing the test, it was found that “exertion TMT was advised and done which was positive for inducible Ischemia. CAG was done which showed triple vessel disease which is Multivessel PCI advice.

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