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A diagnostic biomarker: differential expression of LMP2/β1i in human uterine neoplasms

Uterine leiomyosarcoma (Ut-LMS) more frequently develops in the muscle tissue layer of the uterine body than in the uterine cervix. The development of gynecological tumors is often correlated with the secretion of female hormones; however, the development of Ut-LMS has not been correlated with hormonal conditions, and risk factors remain unknown. A diagnostic biomarker that can distinguish malignant Ut-LMS from benign tumor leiomyoma (LMA) has not yet been established. Therefore, an analysis of the risk factors associated with human Ut-LMS is needed in order to establish a treatment method. Proteasome LMP2/β1i-deficient mice spontaneously develop Ut-LMS, with a disease prevalence of ~40% by 14 months of age. We found that the expression of LMP2/β1i was absent in human Ut-LMS, but present in human LMA. Therefore, the defective expression of LMP2/β1i may be one of the risk factors for Ut-LMS. LMP2/β1i is may be a potential diagnostic biomarker for human Ut-LMS, and may be a targeted molecule for a new therapeutic approach.

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