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A Neutron Scattering Correction Method for the Quantitative Evaluation in Thermal Neutron Radiography

The precise quantitative evaluation of hydrogenous material; such as water and oil; is problematic because of their high scatter contribution which blurs neutron radiography images. This work aims to design an algorithm in MATLAB to eliminate the scattering components. The algorithm will evaluate the scattered neutrons’ components’ summation and subtract it from the original image to achieve an image free from scattered neutrons. The achieved scatter-free image is used in the quantitative evaluation. This research is significant due to its use of applied, real-case neutron -radiography digital images processed in MATLAB as opposed to using time-consumed simulations by MCNP to estimate scatter neutrons like most previous works on neutron scattering correction. Pottery samples will be filled with a known weight of oil and imaged in the neutron radiography facility at the Egyptian Second Research Reactor to perform neutron scatter-correction experiments. A calibration curve will be built from a histogram peak, which relates the number of pixels in an image at each of the different intensity values of that image as a function of the oil weight, to predict the unknown weight of oil in other samples. A good prediction of the oil quantities is achieved by the calibration curve. 

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